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Theatre Youth Exchange

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“This wasn't a project or a lesson. It was and it will be a part of my life." 

Kacper Jablonski
Play the Change was an international exchange that brought together young theatre practitioners from different European youth theatres, drama schools and academies in order to exchange practice and skills while learning new performance techniques from an international group of theatre facilitators. The exchange took place from 30th June to 10th July 2017 in Organyà (a small village in Catalan Pyrenees).

The project involved 4 organisations from: Spain, (Pirineus Creatius), Bulgaria (AIMI The Studios), Ireland (Crooked House Theatre Company) and Poland (Fundacja Inkubator Innowacji). Each of them helped to devlop the artistic growth of 28 young people who are active participants in these organisations. The project consisted of skills workshops (Empty Dialogues, From Personal to Public, Theatre of Oppressed and Puppet Theatre), workshops on empathy and multiculturalism, outdoor activities, festive local activities and rehearsals to create and perform a show in the end of the project for the local community on the topic of empathy and multiculturalism. This last show had an audience of more than 100 people.
“I've learned that I am worth listening to, that I have a place and that I am allowed to be myself."


The working method was based on non-formal education, using games, open spaces, team-building activities, and theatre in order to create a positive environment to exchange practices and to meet new people. All workshops were open to local young people in order to improve social inclusion by learning artistic disciplines. By doing this, the project introduced theatre as a tool in education to learn and experience concepts about mediation, acceptance, empathy and conflict resolution.

The project was organised and hosted by Pirineus Creatius, a non-governmental, non-profit organization from the heart of Catalan Pyrenees, whose main aim is social inclusion of young people of rural Pyrenees through artistic and creative activities. The co-ordinator was Joel Pla Garriga.

Play the Change was inspired by the need to share, exchange and learn from good practices of different european drama schools and at the same time, this youth exchange gave a frame to explore and interact in a multicultural enviroment about theatre technics and empathy values.

The project was a huge success both at local and international level and several new activities were proposed and new networks created right after the project among facilitators and participants. The impact of the project is still running and some of the visible consequences of it are:

  • Increasement of proposals from public administration for a creation of new social projects based in conflict ressolution and social inclusion through arts.
  • Creation and application for new international projects such as new Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange or a KA2 during 2018.
  • Creation of 4 new drama groups in Pyrenees rural zones.
  • Dissemination of the project results and explanation of Erasmus+ opportunities for youngster in four different countries.
  • Inclusion of new drama activities as a tool for social inclusion and conflict ressolution in local schools.
  1. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  2. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  3. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  4. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  5. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  6. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  7. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
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“I have felt things I forgot. It opened me up to a mindset I buried deep long ago."

 Alec Delaney
“It has been the most insightful and inspiring time of my life."

 Niamh Walsh
“I believe that the hosts are superbly organised and they provided a tremendous project - very emotionally unforgettable."

 Peter Hussey
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