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En aquest apartat falten molt projectes que anirem actualitzant properament, els títols són:
In this part there're several projects that we will add soon, the titles are:

  • Els histrions d'Artistot
  • Stay Healthy
  • Step by Step
  • Come2Gether
  • Sr. Pipa
  • Sant Josep de Calassanç
  • Nit Blanca 3
  • Taller Claror
  • L'inspetor
  • Multiculturart
  • Wise bodies
  • ​Teatralitza't
Theatre as a Tool for Social Change Pirineus Creatius
Play the Change was an international exchange that brought together young theatre practitioners from different European youth theatres, drama schools and academies in order to exchange practice and skills while learning new performance techniques from an international group of theatre facilitators. The exchange took place from 30th June to 10th July 2017 in Organyà (a small village in Catalan Pyrenees).
More info here
 Theatre as a Tool for Social Change - 2016
Theatre as a Tool for Social Change Pirineus Creatius
​​Seminar Theatre as a Tool for Social Change brought together youth workers, trainers, educators, actors and volunteers who use theatre as a tool in their practice to La Seu d’Urgell in July 2016. The project was coordinated by Associació Pirineus Creatius and involved 8 organizations from 6 European countries: Spain (La Nave Va), France (Compagnie Duanama) , Ireland (Crooked House Theatre Company, Eolas Soileir), Denmark (Teaterskolen Kastali’a), Romania (A.R.T. Fusion Association) and Bulgaria (AIMI the STUDIOS) , who shared the need to learn from each other and exchange good practices in field of theatre as a tool. The project consisted of laboratory of experiences, debates, exploration of empathy through reading workshops, establishing background for future cooperation and elaboration of a final ‘product’- a Toolkit that includes all the workshops created and performed by the participants of the project.
More info and results here
                                        Action Changes Things - 2016
Action Changes Things Pirineus Creatius
ACT- Action Changes Things-Training course was a unique experience on Theatre of the Oppressed, a very efficient methodology for handling social problems which can be applied in different spheres of social work, youth work, education, etc. This project was an answer to the needs of various professionals that need new methods for improving their work within diverse target groups. The main goal of the project was to increase the capacity of youth work sector to raise the participation and involvement of young people in social processes and change. First part of the project took place in Norway, June 2016. Its second part will be in September in Romania.
Violeta Ospina participated in the project and here is some insight on her experience during the TC (in Spanish): read more...  
 Food for Good - 2016
Food for Good Pirineus Creatius
Food for Good united 20 young people from Catalan Pyrenees and The Netherlands through the topic of food recycling, creating a space of intercultural enrichment through cusine, in  Amsterdam, in June-July 2016. All the workshops and activities,organized and later conducted by participants of the exchange were based on non-formal education methodology, allowing young people to discover better themselves, their learning process and creativity.

The Dutch consumer throws away approximately 2,6 billion of edible food every year! At the same time StreetPro organization has particpants (between 16 and 23 years old) about 75% of whom don't even have enough money/food at home to come with lunch to their foundation. However, if they have food (by their sponsor Albert Heijn) available that might not look perfect - they will not eat it. Strange! They watched a documentairy  with their youngsters about dumpster diving; there is a sub culture of people in Amsterdam who refuse to buy food because of the waste. They know exactly where to search for it and then they prepare a meal from the food they found. Some part the youngsters found it filthy, but the other part found very interesting the whole concept of dumpster diving. So, they have decided to make a project out of this in partnership with Pirineus Creatius, with food as a main theme: to explore different ways of learning, about cultures, subcultures, recycle & waste.
Theatre as a tool for social change
Rock the Mountains Pirineus Creatius
 Rock the Mountains - 2016
Rock the Mountains​ va ser un intercanvi juvenil basat en la música. 25 joves de 5 països diferents es van trobar a Organyà durant 10 dies per intercanviar estils musicals, cultures i formes de veure el món. En aquests 10 dies de convivència també van poder conèixer trets de la cultura pirinenca com el seu menjar, les seves danses, cançons i naturalesa. El poble d'Organyà es va volcar en l'acte i com a cloenda del projecte els participants van tocar dos concerts benèfics que van recaptar més de 1100€ per a l'Associació Nadia Nerea.
Rock the Mountains was a youth exchange, based on music. 25 young people from 5 different countries met in Organyà during 10 days to exchange their music styles, cultures and ways of understanding the world. During theses 10 days the musicians could also learn from Pyrenees culture, its food, dances, songs and nature. The village of Organyà took an active participation in the project, which left a beautiful memory in its people's hearts. As a final event, the participants performed two beneficial concerts that collected more than 1100€ for Associació Nadia Nerea.​
Més info i resultats aquí
More info and results here
 Goigteatre - 2015/2017
Pirineus Creatius - Goigteatre
Goigteatre és un taller teatral per a joves i adults coordinat per Pirineus Creatius. Forma part de la proposta lúdico-pedagògica de La Fusteria: Espai d'Arts Escèniques de La Seu d'Urgell. El seu objectiu és donar eines per al desenvolupament personal utilitzant el teatre. Donem importància a l'expressió oral i la improvisació, l'expressió corporal per tal de desenvolupar la confiança en un mateix i l'empatia vers els altres. A més, col·laborem amb institucions i entitats per a desenvolupar un programa social que permeti als alumnes parlar i resoldre conflictes socials mitjançant el teatre.
Goigteatre (Joytheatre) is a theatre workshop for youngsters and adults conducted by Pirineus Creatius. It takes places in La Fusteria: Espai d'Arts Escèniques (The Carpentry: Performing Arts Space) in La Seu d'Urgell. The aim of the classes is to give tools for personal development using theatre. The focus is given to self-expression and improvisation, theatrical text work and corporal expression in order to develop selfconfidence and empathy. Nevertheless, we collaborate with assotiations and public institutions developing a social program that allow students to talk and solve social conflicts using theatre as a tool for social change.
Pirineus Creatius - Minairons
      Els minairons - 2015/2016
Per les festes de Nadal a La Seu d'Urgell sempre arriben els Minairons. Aquests petits follets de l'imaginari pirinenc viuen, segons la llegenda, a La Freita preparant els regals pels nens i nenes de La Seu. Durant el desembre se'ls pot veure passejant pel carrer, anant a les escoles, per les botigues i finalment participant de l'antiga tradició de fer cagar el tió. Pirineus Creatius tenim la gran sort d'acompanyar a aquests follets i ajudar-los sempre que necessitin alguna cosa i també organitzar les sortides que faran ja que són d'allò més trapelles!
For Christmas holidays Minairons arrive to La Seu d'Urgell. As the legend says, these little elves of the Pyrenees live in La Freita preparing presents for good boys and girls. Each year in December they can be easily seen walking the streets, visiting schools, shops and participating in the old catalan tradition of Caga Tió .  Pirineus Creatius is very lucky to accompany these elves and help them in anything they need! We also organize some of their shows, as they're very playful!
 Muntanyes d'acollida - 2015
Muntanyes d'acollida va ser un espectacle benèfic de poesia i dansa on la muntanya esdevé la protagonista. La idea original, així com l'organització i coordinació de l'espectacle va ser de Pirineus Creatius. Els participants d'aquesta lectura van ser persones rellevants de La Seu d'Urgell sense experiència escènica. L'espectacle va recaptar 320€ que van ser donats al projecte Aliments per la Solidaritat.
Muntanyes d'acollida (Hosting Mountains) was a poetry and dance benefic show where the mountain became the protagonist. Pirineus Creatius had original idea and was on duty of the coordination and the direction of the show. The participants of this reading were relevant people with none scenic experience. The show collected 320€ that were given to the project Aliments per la Solidaritat (Food for Solidarity).