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International youth exchange

“My faith in humanity is restored”
                     Edgar, Catalonia
“We really rocked the mountains”
                      Anssi, Finland 
Rock the Mountains is a Youth Exchange that took place in Organyà, a small village in Catalan Pyrenees, in March 2016. During 10 days, young people from Catalonia, Sardinia, Belgium, Bulgaria and Finland were experiencing life in Pyrenees, different cultures and music traditions.
The project’s aim was to create a positive environment for self-expression and personal growth through artistic activities and music in particular. 25 musicians and artists have lived together, experiencing a ‘lifetime’ of normal Organyà villagers’ life: they’ve been on top of Santa Fe, sung Caramelles, played Gymkhana with local youngsters, danced with Goigdansa, and finally, have created a 2 concert shows, which were enjoyed by more than 300 people in Organyà and La Seu d’Urgell, and that have collected 1110 euros for Associació Nadia Nerea.

“Dreams come true”
              Teddy, Bulgaria
Rock the Mountains was a big success and had a positive impact on the local community, which has participated in many activities of the project. Participants left Organyà with a huge personal enrichment and change: “No matter what languages we speak and which cultures we represent, unless we speak at least one common language of music, we can live together in peace and happiness”.

Rock the Mountains was hosted in Alberg d’Organyà, which is a great place for non-formal education activities. The project was organized by Associació Pirineus Creatius and Funded by EU Erasmus+ program, with co-financating of technical support for two final concerts by Ajuntament of La Seu d’Urgell and Ajuntament of Organyà. The project was also supported by Oficina Jove de l’Alt Urgell and active participation of its EVS volunteers.

If you are interested to know more specific information on the activities implemented during the project here you have an activities booklet, which will serve you as a detailed guide on all the program of Rock the Mountains. Enjoy and feel free to share!

Download activities booklet here
Everyone has GREAT, AMAZING talents and skills to do what they love! It’s so inspiring!”
                                   Salla, Finland
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