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European seminar


“I've learned more methods of approach to youngsters for socially important/painful subjects, alternative usage of theatrical devices different than artistic and fun." 

Gyorgi Georgiev
Seminar Theatre as a Tool for Social Change brought together youth workers, trainers, educators, actors and volunteers, who use theatre as a tool in their practice to La Seu d’Urgell in July 2016. The project was coordinated by Associació Pirineus Creatius (Catalonia, Spain). The organization specializes on personal development and social inclusion of young people through artistic activities and creativity.

The project involved 8 organizations from 6 European countries: Spain (Pirineus Creatius, La Nave Va), France (Compagnie Duanama) , Ireland (Crooked House Theatre Company, Eolas Soileir), Denmark (Teaterskolen Kastali’a), Romania (A.R.T. Fusion Association) and Bulgaria (AIMI the STUDIOS).
The project consisted of laboratory of experiences, debates, exploration of empathy through reading workshops, establishing background for future cooperation and elaboration of Toolkit you are reading now.

The method of work was based on non-formal education, using games, open spaces, team-building activities in order to create a positive environment for exchange of experiences, practices and new creations. 

“Planning to improve our educational program by adding the new approaches we've learnt during the seminar."

 Sarah Grillet

Seminar Theatre as a Tool was inspired by the need to share, exchange and learn from good practices. It gave an opportunity for workers of participating organizations to enrich themselves with new knowledge, establish partnership and share what they do. As a result, a Youth Exchange between theatre schools is planed for summer 2017, and a long-term project of social play production is aimed to start in 2017.

Furthermore, one of the project outcomes is a Toolkit with activities presented by participants. You can find it on this page. Enjoy and feel free to share!


Download TOOKIT here

Theatre play:
Born in the Wrong Place

“ I'm certain that the engagement of our organisation in the social change through using a theater as a tool, is important. I feel more confident to follow this way thanks to meet other organizations that work in the same direction."

Monika Smiechowska 
  1. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  2. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
  3. Theatre as a Tool for Social Change
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