Play the Change 2


 27th June - 6th July 2019

Play the Change 2 is and international youth exchange between different European drama schools and youth theatres. The aim of this exchange is to provide participants with time and space to develop their artistic skills in an international enviroment. In order to achieve it, participants will take part into different drama training activities and they will also devise and rehearse a show to be perform at the end of the exchange.
This is the second edition of this exchange. The first edition was an absolute success (you can check outputs and results here). The main theme of this edition will be around the raising of extremism in Europe, specially focused in how populism and far right wing parties can raise the attention of young people using hate based speeches towards individuals or communities and how fake news can influence our point of view.
The exchange is dedicated to all young people who have been involved in any drama school or youth theatre. At the end of the exchange, all participants will receive an European Comission official certificate to prove their participation and new learnings.

Venue and dates: The exchange will take place in La Molina (Catalonia) from the 27th of June to the 6 of July 2019.

Methodology: All the activities are based in an non-formal education approach. There will be several activities based in participant's needs such as: intercultural learning, skills workshops (masks, movement, musical and puppets), free time, reflections, workshops about extremisms (hate speech and fake news), rehearsals,... Duraing the whole project, participants will be supported by facilitatos from all partner organisations.
Participants: We look for young people aged 15 to 21 years old who are participating in a drama schools, drama academy or youth theatre. Expierence is this type of projects is not required, we will prioritise participants that have never participated in an activity like this. All sessions will be in English but there's no requirement to know this language since all participants will have support from his/her own countrymen/women. There will be participants from Catalonia and Andorra (Associació Juvenil Pirineus Creatius, Ireland (Crooked House Theatre Company), Bulgaria (AIMI The Studios) and Greece (Creative YouthLand).​​

Applications: Application forms closed. Application deadline: 5th of May.

Travel cost and expenses: All travel costs, accomodation, food and activities are covered by the European Comission grant from Erasmus+ program.

If you have any question you can contact us:
Associació Juvenil Pirineus Creatius: [email protected]
Creative Youthland: [email protected]
AIMI The Studios: [email protected]
Crooked House Theatre Company: [email protected]